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The Benefits

Using the Ceiling Bright process to restore ceilings rather than replacing old ceiling tiles saves a fortune (up to 75%) for facilities managers, property maintenance companies, business owners in any business, retail or office environment.







No business disruptions for your customers

No damage to the ceilings or walls

No mess

No lasting odours

Fast and effective

Dynamic brightening of your premises


Advantages of Ceiling Bright over chemical cleaning

  • Provide a consistent bright white (or specified designer colour) over the entire ceiling, whereas cleaning leaves a gray/white finish that is not always uniform.
  • Provides a surface finish that will far outlast a cleaned ceiling. (about 5 times longer)
  • Ceiling Bright adds a Class ‘A’ fire retardant coating to the ceiling surface.


Advantages of Ceiling Bright over conventional painting

  • Ceiling Bright will improve the acoustical value of the ceiling
  • Far outlasts a painted ceiling over time (about 3 times longer)
  • Will NOT stick the tiles to the grid system
  • Adds a Class A fire retardant coating to the ceiling surface
  •  Does not have a strong odour as does paint
  • Does not render the tiles ineligible for manufacturer recycling programs


Advantage of Ceiling Bright over New Tile Replacement

  • Will outlast the life of a new tile surface
  • Up to 75% cheaper than replacement
  • Enhances the acoustical value of the ceiling
  • Is installed fairly quickly, most commonly in fully occupied spaces
  • Resurfaces the ENTIRE ceiling – including grid system, speaker plates, air diffusers, etc.
  • Can be made to match any colour
  • Eliminates disposal fees and is the best ecological alternative